Basecamp comes to life ...

When you look back on your life and remember where you've been, did you ever think you would be where you are at this moment? I don't think anyone does really. I think that the journey that brings us to this moment of history reclamation is always where you needed to be to prepare you for this sliver of time. 

We started our new journey of Basecamp based on our past history and knowledge of human spirit. Emmanuel came to the Cap Ferret area to attend a car get together and fell in love with this sleepy little gem 20 years ago. So much so that he wanted to move here. All it took was a little motivation and some patience and here it is. We found an old stone mason carpentry business that had been turned into a warehouse/residence for a nightclub owner. It had all the right bones to become a retreat for casual surfing, sports, and camera buffs. Our end goal has always been to help others with the gifts we have been given, but to do that we opened the house officially as a Bed and Breakfast, or in France, Maison d'Hôte first. One thing has to pay for the altruistic vision that is Basecamp.

With friends, family, and co-workers in the military, suffering from Battle PTSD, offering our property for veteran's recovery was an automatic decision. The first thing we needed to do was to find out about other programs offered and if they had success at helping Veterans recover from the invisible scars of battle. Currently we know of a few that can offer something similar but there are none here in our pretty little Cap Ferret. 

What we offer is the ability to provide a relaxed atmosphere away from the crowds where our guests can take the time to challenge themselves with the waves, with the sun, sand, and wind. With expert coaching and solid volunteer counsellors standing by for the tough stuff and road blocks that come up when you challenge yourself, we're hoping we can make a difference and give back. 

The area is an excellent hotbed for all sports and we can facilitate almost any instruction preferred by our guests. Primarily to start we thought we'd go with surfing. It has mental challenges and physical challenges that can facilitate strong break throughs when needed. 

There comes many challenges with a property of this kind. The house has been very well loved, like a ripped and torn velveteen rabbit with the one eye missing and fur all matted and dirty. First of all, it requires extensive renovations. We managed to get some small aesthetics completed when we first purchased it in 2016. We used the rooms as a bare bones (read basic comfort but definitely not 5 star)  BnB to help pay for the renovations and the summer staff. We are starting our 2nd season as a BnB in April of this year and decided we needed to up the ante if we were going to be ready to host Veterans any time soon. So Basecamp Retreats is going to host Photography Retreats, Yoga Retreats, and Surfing Retreats for everyone. Based on market research, we came up with a reasonable price that will cover costs and help us get to the end goal faster.

Another successful program I've experienced in many countries including our own, is allowing guests or friends to purchase the opportunity to have rooms, tiles, plaques, walls, and even sporting gear, with their names on it, or the names of anyone they want. Details to follow once we have all the estimates in. Contact Basecamp directly for new details if you're interested in contributing to the cause. 

Stay with us on this journey of discovery and healing while we renovate, produce programs, and serve the Veterans who have so served already.

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Coleen Grey