03:00 hrs ...

Basecamp Retreat website has been evolving in the process as I work. I love putting things together, smoothing the lines, making it all fit like a tetris game puzzle. The final product will look nothing like I had planned when I started but as long as the pictures look bright and inviting and the words are true, hopefully thats enough to make guests feel invited to stay with us. 

Just like the old days, once I started a story it was hard to put it down until I made the deadline and it was on the editors desk before 02:00 hrs. Its now 03:45 hrs and I can't seem to stop adjusting the pages and adding or subtracting content. Opening the live pages and seeing what images flow smoothly with the current of the theme, taking them out, lengthening the columns and spacing the text. Glad I didn't take that editing job instead of picking up the camera. I would have been tinkering with the layout until the story was too old to print. News needs to be fresh and exciting to sell copy. I did get the added bonus of being trusted to do my own copywriting so at least I could be sure my pictures were telling the story I saw... most of the time. Building your own website is much like being your own photographer, copywriter, editor, layout artist and graphic designer all rolled into one. I have great respect for anyone that does any of those jobs full time.

The purpose of this exercise in perfectionism, is the end goal. To welcome the guests and show them our South West French Art of Living style, with a teeny dash an Canadian Prairie Value, to hope that they feel welcomed and cared for enough to come back, to bring their friends, to share in our passion for helping others, to build this project into a valuable asset in the rehabilitation and treatment of Battle PTSD sufferers. ...And after we let out our breath, when the dust settles and we look around, remember to breathe back in again and dig in for one more step forward in making the world a better place, one small inch at a time. 

Well, it's almost ready to publish, and my body is screaming in protest at being glued to this chair for days on end. My heart skips a beat as I catch a minuscule grammatical travesty that I missed in my haste to type faster and finish this inning. My soul is annoyed that my body will win and drag my brain off to bed, screaming "...but we have to finish it so the world all be better." That minute miserable grammar infraction will have to wait until tomorrow. My soul will be soothed with the sound of my slippers hitting the floor knowing, we will try again tomorrow.

"I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious." Vince Lombardi

Coleen Grey