Make or Break me ...

The renovations to the entryway are looking good. The wood and electrical are finished and the lighting is in. The Boss had to rush as we had a few check ins last weekend. Once it’s been photographed properly, we can add the pictures to the website along with last year’s project of a cuisine d’été. ( summer kitchen ).We’ll be starting work on freshening up the guest rooms, bathrooms, and building a new handicapped accessible bathroom in the East Suite! 

We’ve recently had the lucky news that the first official veteran representative of Basecamp Retreat has agreed to come on board. The face of Basecamp so to speak. We’ll add in the profile at a later date but we are really looking forward to introducing our key people soon. 

When we first started this project, there were so many moments that were like watching a carefully constructed brick and mortar wall collapse under the smallest of breezes. If you would have asked me last month, in a weak moment, I might have begged you to take it off my hands and put me on the first airplane out of here. Here we are, close to season opening and it’s coming together. 

For our European guests, we’ve added a new retreat for intensive English immersion. We have it live on the web page this week if you’d like to go and have a look later. Here in France, there’s only a few opportunities for an ESL student to practice. Having the opportunity to speak with a North American can really help with the English proficiency exams. Being certified in English is one of the languages that will help Europeans get a better position in any company here or abroad. 

 Enough for today... the new cooking show starts on Netflix this evening !

A bientôt!

Coleen Grey