❤️ I LOVE FOOD! ❤️


One of my favourite parts about managing Basecamp Retreat is the food. Choosing the menus for the guests and pairing the wines/mocktails with the delicate flavours. As much as I love photography, I love food almoost as much. A perk of living in France is the amount of items you can find in the normal grocery stores here that is only available at specialty suppliers in North America. I go to specialty suppliers here to get common North American things. I have learned to improvise adapt and overcome wherever I can. I know my military friends will chuckle over that one. 

I was stalled on a few legs of this journey by tiny French roadblocks in making the retreats possible, so I  was ‘forced’ to binge watch cooking shows. How inspiring watching all these amazing chefs create exciting flavour-fests all day... everyday ... for weeks. 

The end result of my binge fest is creating the dishes, taste test them, and force others to taste and critique the process. Then of course the photography for the web site is a second blast of creative mojo to tie it all together. Suffice it to say there will be some tasty selections for our retreaters to enjoy every day of the program. 

We have some amazing spa services on the program to choose from, and if you enjoy a little too much of this fine French cuisine, we have the Pilates instructor on standby to give you a little boost of confidence. We are bringing a local Yoga instructor on board for the ride as well! 

We’re getting the bookings for the season coming in daily and fielding more inquiries so it looks like it’s going to be a busy one! 

Here’s hoping you’ll make the trip to SW France to enjoy some French Art of Living... and maybe my new recipe of Tahitian Banana Bread. 

A bientôt!